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Forgotten Parachutes

Coconut Cream on the Floor

18 July
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Everything and Anything related to Fandom used to be posted on my other journal horsey1886.
That meant fics and the occasional piece of 'art'.
But I've finally come to my senses and post everything here.

When I was a tiny little child, I used to hate art class. I had have no talent whatsoever.
But since I get bored very easily, I started to draw a comic about flies. Because let's be honest, flies are easy to draw.
In a moment of nostalgia -and of intense boredom- I created mortyflied.
It's now on "hiatus". Poor Morty.

Onwards with the Tour

About the Journal
A place for me to ramble about life, people, stuff and a good way to stay in touch.
It's a healthy mix of real life, useless crap, and the occasional fic or art.

I obsess very easily. Too easily. So as soon as I discover something good, I get sucked into it. The list would be too long.

Just some details
Everything amuses me. Nothing squicks me. My love for the word Fuck is undying.

Journal goes from Locked to Open at random times.
Currently Locked for older fics, while new ones are Open and Closed for Real Life.

Feel free to friend, I love meeting new people. Know that I always reciprocate the act, even if it takes some time.
If I friend you first, it's because I like you, what you write, what you draw or because I'm on a spree. There's no need to friend back.

The Look
Journal designed by LJ. Most icons are made by me, unless otherwise stated.

Disney moodtheme made by peaces_icons & allysonsedai.

Age Statement
Due to LJ stuff going on, just letting everyone know that I am 21!